Bath Built Custom Furniture - FAQ

How do I make an order?

You can click "request a custom order" or "submit order" on any of our product pages. You can also visit our Inquiries page to fill out an order form or email us directly at [email protected]

Where do we deliver?

Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Squamish - Whistler, Okanagan, Calgary - Edmonton and everything in between!

Do we deliver?

We offer a flat rate delivery fee of $100 within the lower mainland. This includes help with move in and set up from ONE of our representatives. They may need a hand with some of the larger/heavier items. If you need two represetatives on delivery day there will be a surcharge added. Delivery must be within our business hours and will have to be between 9:30am-3:00pm Monday - Friday.

What is your lead time?

Our lead time on average ranges from 4-7 weeks. Contact us today for an updated lead time.

How long will my project take to build?

Most of our projects can be constructed within a day or two, with finishing/drying time adding an additional couple of days depending on the project. The vast majority of our lead time is spent building other orders as we often have 20-40 projects in the queue at any givien time.

What is the difference between selecting a stain and selecting a wood species?

Many of our products have you select either a stain or wood species. Typically inexpesive materials such as pine are stained. It is a good way to get the colour you want for the price you want. Other products have you select a wood species instead. These products are typically left unstained as you are paying a premium for the natural beauty of the wood! These products are all finished with protective clear coats.

What happens after I make an order?

After placing an order or inquiry we will respond with an email typically well within 24 hours (weekends included) to confirm any additional information. Once both parties feel ready to proceed we will send an e-invoice which will summarize all of the details discussed as well as provide a "pay now" option for a 50% deposit which will put your order in our queue. We accept credit card and e-transfers for payment.

Do we make custom furniture?

Yes. We can customize our existing products or even work with our customers to come up with a new design that meets their vision!

Do you have a showroom or inventory? Can we book a meeting or a phone call?

We do not carry any inventory whatsoever. We do not accomodate meeting requests or make any samples before an order is placed. We offer a high quality, solid wood, hand made, customizable product which are all considerable cost factors. Eliminating the costs associated with a showroom, the time spent in meetings and consultations, and maintaining an inventory is key to giving our customer the best possible value for their investment when they choose to work with us. We can address all questions, concerns and design ideas via e-mail as this is a great way to exhange images/specs, and keep a record to look back on when we begin your project!

Do our beds disassemble?

Yes! All of our beds come ready to assemble in manageable pieces. Our beds are very easy to assemble and can be done in under 5 minutes.

Is everything solid wood?

All of our furniture utilizes as much solid wood as possible. In hidden areas with expansion/contraction concerns such as a drawer bottoms we will incorporate plywood as it is the better option. Aside from those few instances we will use solid wood and no veneers whatsoever unless specifically requested.

Can we see stain samples?

We do not currently provide stain samples. Our website's product photos are accurate as to what you should expect. You can also visit our Stains and Materials pages to see some popular options. Browsing our various products may be the best way to pick a finish you like. We often leave stain as "to be determined", and we can send photos of some custom stain options before building a customer's project if they are unsure which route to go.

Contact Bath Built

We welcome the opportunity to build a custom solid wood furniture piece just for you. To inquire about any of our custom wood furniture designs, please contact us online or send us an