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All of our custom furniture products are handmade from solid wood. We recommend our customers have a good understanding of what to expect from solid wood furniture before purchasing. BBCF will not alter any projects due to misunderstandings on what to expect. There are many variables that can affect the outcome of a project such as natural variation in wood, wood stains, top coats, and the countless other naterials we work with. BBCF cannot guarantee any outcome. While we strive for perfection, your solid wood product will have its own unique characteristics such as knots, checking (natural cracks), colour variation, and many other results that can vary from project to project. The variations and imperfections in solid wood custom furniture are to be expected and celebrated!

Dimensions and results can vary from those specified or depicted on our website or in your order invoice. Due to the custom nature of BBCF, every project is unique and presents a unique set of challenges. Deviating from the specifications is often required to optimize any piece of furniture. Any such deviations are done to optimize the project for customer satisfaction given the materials and challenges we are often forced to work with. We cannot keep our production line functioning while running every issue or concern we have past the customer, and therefore all deviations are at the sole discretion of BBCF. If any specifications are absolutely criticial please let us know in advance, and we will do our best to meet them. Keep in mind that rigidity with one specification will give us less flexibility in optimzing your product.

Our goal is to keep each and every customer happy and we go to great lengths every day to do so. With that said very few companies offer a highly customized, locally manufactured, solid wood product, and that is because it is very difficult to manage expectations. It is for this reason that all perceived deficiencies will be treated as a legitimate deficiency only if BBCF deems it to be a legitimate deficiency. Since all of our furniture is built custom to order, we have a strict no returns or refunds policy.

Due to the custom nature of our business, delays to our current lead time are possible. We give each and every order the time and attention needed for an exceptional product.

On behalf of the woodworking team here at Bath Built Custom Furniture Ltd., we thank you and look forward to working with you! To learn more about our solid wood furniture products, please email us.


Due to the custom nature of our business 48 hours (including weekends) after payment has been made all orders are strictly non-refundable. If a refund is absolutely required, a 10% breakage fee will be charged on the full value of the order including the price of goods purchased, fees, and taxes. The above is 100% at our discretion. If we have invested what we deem to be a considerable amount of time and/or money into a project, then unfortuantely we cannot issue the 90% refund. The project must be completed and delivered at this point. It is likely that if you wait too long, the 90% refund will not be possible as we do need to source materials very rapidly after an order is placed.

Since all of our furniture is built custom to order, we also have a strict no returns or refunds policy. All furniture must be accepted as is. Legitimate deciencies can occur and we are happy to fix them. Defining what is a legitimate deficiency is solely at the discretion of BBCF.


Full payment is due upon placing your order. Given current economic conditions due to Covid-19, it is becoming more difficult to source the materials we need and thus we begin procuring materials for your project almost immediately after the order is placed. Many manufacturers and suppliers are experiencing supply chain issues and delays can still occur.

By paying your invoice or making an online order you are agreeing to all Bath Built Custom Furniture Ltd. policies and guidelines as stated on our website, emails, invoice, and receipt.

Contact us for current wait time (usually around 3-4 months).

We offer a flat rate delivery fee of $150 within the Lower Mainland. This is a white glove service that includes move in and set up from two BBCF representatives. Please contact us for delivery information and fees for other areas!

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Bath Built - Custom Solid Wood Furniture in Vancouver Lower Mainland
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